Ideas grow like plants and pop up here and there at random, in a bubbling, timeless land. A land called the Idea Factory.

Stop-motion, 1'44, boucle.
Conception & réalisation : Cédric PHILIPPE, 2012.
Vidéo accessible sur demande.

This alarm clock was taken to pieces, then I drew and stick a new dial on it. The central figure is a tesseract, it has a lot to do with the video structure and the absurdity of the Ideas Factory. The five black & white circles each represent a step of the story.

A part of the office furniture. I scanned and printed my sketchbook pages to make these little papers. The size of a nail !

I called this place the Well, and I wanted it to contain plenty of suspended shelves full of weird objects, as where Alice falls when she enters the White Rabbit burrow. You can see the office through the window.

The desk is made of painted 3mm hardboard. The chair is the height of the matches used to build it !

View from the office window ! The little sketchbooks are built with pen springs.

I hid a battery and a switch underneath the desk to easily turn the light on.

I carved the toilet seat in a bar of soap.

The complete set was built in a box. Batteries and wires are hidden everywhere to switch the bulbs on, and if you open the drawer you can see the office and the toilet.
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